Moving Out: Finding a Storage Solution

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Moving Out:  Finding a Storage Solution

Ten years ago, I found myself with the need to move out of my apartment before my new place was ready. For a month, I camped out on my best friend's sofa. That also meant I had to find somewhere to store my furniture and other belongings. Fortunately for me, a local storage facility offered container rentals for reasonable prices. I was able to have a container delivered to my apartment, filled it with my stuff, and then have it transported to a facility. It remained there until my new place was ready. At that point, the service delivered the container and we set to work loading everything in my new home. If your lease is expiring but your new place will not be free for a month or two, let's talk. Temporary storage solutions are easier to come by than you think.



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Maximizing Your Space: How Much Can You Fit in a Small Storage Unit?

Homeowners often find themselves in need of extra storage space, whether it's for seasonal items, keepsakes, or simply for decluttering purposes. But when it comes to mini self-storage, there's always the concern of how much space is actually available. How much can you truly fit in a small storage unit? The answer may surprise you. Use this guide to learn how to maximize your space and fit more into a small storage unit than you thought possible.

Start With a Plan

The first step to maximizing your storage space is to form a plan. This means assessing what you need to store and developing a strategy. Start by categorizing your items and determining the frequency at which you will need to access them. Consider investing in shelving, plastic containers, or other organizational tools that will help you make the most of the vertical space in the unit. Be sure to measure the unit before you start packing to ensure that you're making the most of the space.

Make Use of Furniture

Did you know that you can use furniture to create additional storage space? For example, a dresser or bookshelf can store smaller items like linens, clothing, and books. You can even store items within the drawers and shelves of the furniture. Just be sure to secure the drawers and doors with tape or plastic wrap to prevent them from opening during transport.

Utilize Hollow Items

Another way to maximize your storage space is to utilize hollow items, like suitcases, trunks, and large containers. These items can be filled with smaller items and then stacked to save space. Be sure to fill any gaps with soft items, like towels or clothing, to prevent anything from shifting during transport.

Vacuum Seal Items

For items that can be compressed, like clothing and bedding, consider vacuum sealing. This will not only maximize your space but also protect your items from dust and moisture. Simply place the items in a specialized vacuum seal bag and use a vacuum to suck out the air, creating a compact package.

Pack Carefully

Remember to be intentional and strategic when packing items for storage. Place heavy items on the bottom, with lighter items on top. Sharp or fragile items should be carefully wrapped or cushioned to prevent damage. Always leave a pathway or aisle within the unit to allow for easy access.

When it comes to mini self-storage, maximizing your space is all about strategy and intentionality. By utilizing furniture, hollow items, and organizational tools, as well as packing carefully and with care, you can fit more into a small storage unit than you thought possible. So next time you need extra storage space, remember these tips and start packing smarter, not harder.

To learn more about mini self-storage options, contact a storage facility near you.