Moving Out: Finding a Storage Solution

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Moving Out:  Finding a Storage Solution

Ten years ago, I found myself with the need to move out of my apartment before my new place was ready. For a month, I camped out on my best friend's sofa. That also meant I had to find somewhere to store my furniture and other belongings. Fortunately for me, a local storage facility offered container rentals for reasonable prices. I was able to have a container delivered to my apartment, filled it with my stuff, and then have it transported to a facility. It remained there until my new place was ready. At that point, the service delivered the container and we set to work loading everything in my new home. If your lease is expiring but your new place will not be free for a month or two, let's talk. Temporary storage solutions are easier to come by than you think.



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5 Tips For Quickly And Safely Storing Your Furniture When Staging Your Home

The way you go about selling your home can have a major impact on how much it sells for. If you do not put much effort into staging, you are not going to impress many buyers. Renting a storage unit can help you put furniture away for staging, but you also need to know how to do it quickly and safely.

Disassemble Just Enough to Fit in Your Car

While you can rent a truck or ask for assistance from a friend, both of these take time. The better option is to disassemble excess furniture just enough to fit comfortably in your vehicle. If you have some furniture that cannot be taken apart enough, you should use these pieces in the staging of your home.

Remove the Legs

To reduce bulkiness, you should remove the legs when possible. Computer chairs, couches, dining room tables, and desks should all have easily removable legs. Not having legs will make the furniture easier to carry out of the house, put into the car, and organize in the storage unit. To keep everything organized, you should use individually labeled gallon-size bags to put small legs and the hardware inside.

Place Pallet Racks on the Floor

To avoid sweeping and worrying about problems that could happen on the storage unit floor, you should put pallet racks on the surface before anything else. Even though the furniture will not play in a role in staging your home, you do not want to come back to damaged furniture from exposure to dirt or moisture.

Protect the Bottom with Padding

Putting furniture directly on a pallet rack can lead to fabric damage from splinters of wood. It is best to put a thick layer in between, which you can do with an old comforter or set of pillows. If you have an extra tarp laying around, the thick and resilient plastic or vinyl should also provide enough protection.

Get a Large and Climate-Controlled Unit

Since you are not planning on keeping the furniture in storage for long, you should get a large and climate-controlled unit that is easy to organize. Climate control is important for protecting furniture, and a unit with plenty of room will prevent you from having to stack furniture pieces.

Staging your home will be better and easier when you do not have excess furniture in the house. Also, following these tips will make for a quick and straightforward process of storing everything. For more information, go to sites that focus on moving tips.