Moving Out: Finding a Storage Solution

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Moving Out:  Finding a Storage Solution

Ten years ago, I found myself with the need to move out of my apartment before my new place was ready. For a month, I camped out on my best friend's sofa. That also meant I had to find somewhere to store my furniture and other belongings. Fortunately for me, a local storage facility offered container rentals for reasonable prices. I was able to have a container delivered to my apartment, filled it with my stuff, and then have it transported to a facility. It remained there until my new place was ready. At that point, the service delivered the container and we set to work loading everything in my new home. If your lease is expiring but your new place will not be free for a month or two, let's talk. Temporary storage solutions are easier to come by than you think.



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3 Items You Need To Put Into A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you are looking at getting a storage unit for your personal or business effects, you want to make sure the items are stored properly, either in a warehouse storage unit or a private one. While some items can go in any storage unit, others require a climate-controlled one to make sure they aren't damaged during their time in the unit. For those who plan on storing any of the items below, consider going with a unit that is climate controlled versus just a traditional storage unit.

Wood Furniture

Over the course of time, wood furniture is going to end up rotting, cracking and warping from being exposed to a lot of moisture. Anyone looking to store a bunch of tables, chairs, nightstands, entertainment centers, dressers, bed frames or end tables should consider getting a climate-controlled unit. Not only do these units control the temperature and climate, but they can also control the amount of humidity in the air. Controlling the amount of moisture in the unit is the main key to being able to protect your furniture for quite some time. Lower humidity is always best, since it means the air is dryer.


Dryers, washers, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens all need climate-controlled units if you live in an area that experiences extreme bouts of cold and heat. The climate-controlled units can help to prevent all of the mechanical and electronic parts inside from rusting and cracking, leading to permanent damage. While you should try to clean and dry your appliances before you put them in storage, getting a unit that is climate controlled will help ward off mildew and mold growth and prevent it from growing on the inside of your appliances.


Regardless of whether you have one piece of art or a whole collection of it, you need to consider putting it into a climate-controlled unit for safekeeping. Beyond just storing the artwork itself, all art supplies should be stored in the same unit. Fabric needs protection from the excess moisture and UV rays, which is crucial if you expect the material to be able to hold up. Otherwise, the material could end up breaking down and becoming less resilient. Storage bins work great for storing supplies and fabrics in as they prevent dust and moisture from getting to your items.

If any of the above items are what you need to store away, a climate-controlled unit is just what you need to prevent additional damage from occurring.