Moving Out: Finding a Storage Solution

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Moving Out:  Finding a Storage Solution

Ten years ago, I found myself with the need to move out of my apartment before my new place was ready. For a month, I camped out on my best friend's sofa. That also meant I had to find somewhere to store my furniture and other belongings. Fortunately for me, a local storage facility offered container rentals for reasonable prices. I was able to have a container delivered to my apartment, filled it with my stuff, and then have it transported to a facility. It remained there until my new place was ready. At that point, the service delivered the container and we set to work loading everything in my new home. If your lease is expiring but your new place will not be free for a month or two, let's talk. Temporary storage solutions are easier to come by than you think.



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Need More Storage Space For Your Restaurant? Consider A Mobile Storage Unit

Restaurants often require a lot of storage space to keep all of supplies on hand to create the wonderful dishes they serve. If you own a restaurant that is too small to store all of the items that you need to run your business successfully, consider renting a mobile storage unit to use to store the additional items in a safe way. The guide that follows walks you through a few things you need to know about a mobile storage unit.

May Need Permission

A mobile storage unit can be somewhat bulky in size. If you do not own the building that your business is located in, you may need to ask the landlord for permission to place a storage unit behind the property. If you explain why you need the mobile storage and ensure the unit will be kept out of sight of the customers, the landlord may not mind if you use the unit.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Shelves and lighting could be added to the unit to make it easier to store items in an organized way within the storage unit. You want to be sure that any customizations you make to the unit can be removed without damaging the unit when you are done using it though.

Keep Items Secure

The door on the front of the storage unit can be secured with a lock to keep items in it safe. Be sure that you take the time to choose a lock that is very strong and thick, so that someone cannot come by the restaurant after hours and use bolt cutters to cut the lock. There are some locks that are designed to withstand someone trying to cut them.

Use for as Long as Needed

When you rent a mobile storage unit, you can use it for as long as you need to use it and then contact the storage company and have them pick it up as soon as you are done with it. Some storage companies allow you to rent the units on a month-to-month basis, while others require a rental for a specific amount of time. Be sure to read the rental agreement closely to see which option the storage rental company offers to you.

The storage company will deliver the mobile storage unit to your restaurant and set it up wherever you have designated as the perfect location for it. The unit serves as an affordable way to get the extra storage you need to make your business a huge success. Contact a company like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage for more information.